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Version: 1.1
Platform: Android 4.3+ / Android Wear 4.4W2+ / Ticwear 2.1+
Languages: English, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and so on.
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Do you have a smart watch? Can only look at the time is too boring, think about how to make it more useful, more interesting?

"WearMyTools" can provide more useful and interesting features to meet the wisdom of your life.
"WearMyTools" at the same time support Android Wear system and Ticwear system v2.1 +.

Now you can do the following things:
1, mobile phone volume control: watch can let your phone how loudly loudly.
2, find my mobile phone: when you don't know where the mobile phone, point the watches, mobile phone will ring out loudly.
3. watch the hour reminder: phone setting the hour reminder time arrives, the watch will vibrate.

Click the images below to enlarge view software screenshots:


This site free download now Free Download

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