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Snowman Play Swap
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 Snowman Play Swap   
Original name: Hey Snowman)
Platform:iOS 8.0+ / Android 5.0+
Languages: English, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Italian, Arabic and so on.
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★It's an interesting game, a creative game, a wise man's game.

◎Different colors of the snowman in the snow in the wrong position, they can return to their own color of the wood brand position?
◎If you help the snowmen return to their place, they will jump happily and your cleverness will be applauded by everyone.

◎This is a puzzle game, there are many different levels of the game, there are many different maps, so that you have every time to play has not the same feeling. There is a map of 2 snowmen, a map of 4 snowmen, a map of 6 snowmen, and a map of 8 snowmen.
◎In the game shop: You can also get more new releases of the game map; you can get a game pass guide; you can unlock all the maps, and so on.

Currently supports multiple languages, including English, Arabic, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, etc.

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